Contact Me

If you have any questions about the stuff that I do, you'll find all addresses here.

Be aware:
I will not answer any questions like
  1. Where is the IBUS in my car?
  2. Where can I connect your interface?
  3. Does my BMW have an IBUS?
anymore! Use google to find out that.

Or register at HackTheIBUS.
I know that it takes some time to get accepted, and we all work on this issue...
Until then:
If you do not have the time: forget about buying an interface!

This is not a plug and play product,
it is a device for enthusiasts who know what they are doing, and inform themselves before deciding to purchase a device that require some knowledge and skills.

For questions 1-3 you will only get links to the Car installation page and this page as reply.
All that I know is explained there,
unless you have a specific question that is not listed there you won't get an answer.

Just make sure that the question you have is related to the interface itself. I'm not able to answer generic IBUS questions.

Use the HackTheIBUS forum first to get an idea what the IBUS interface can do for you.

Electronic mail

You can reach me anytime at:

Mailing Address

Rolf Resler
Boehmerwaldstr. 38
82538 Geretsried
- Germany -