General Information

It seems that wire colors are standardized and the same across all BMWs:

IBUS: is always white/grey/yellow (white wire with grey stripe and yellow dots/bands)

Ground: is always Brown

Power (+12V): is mostly:
Battery power: red/xxx where xxx is a colored stripe, red/green is commonly used for audio system
Ignition power: violet/xxx where xxx is a colored stripe, violet/white is commonly used for audio system

KBUS: (in some cars there is no IBUS) is always white/red/yellow
(In fact, in my experience, a 3-colour wire is always a data bus)
Do not use the KBUS if you can't find an IBUS wire!!!
You have to know what you are doing when you use my interface on the KBUS!!!

Don't take my word on this. You definitely have to verify the cables you use!!!

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All interfaces have a 4 pin connector
where you can solder on all required signals:

  • IBUS: This is the actual IBUS wire that runs throughout your car:
    1. By the headunit
    2. By the radio
    3. By the navigation module
    4. By the steering wheel module
    5. By the HIFI amp module (usually in the trunk)
    6. By the telephone (usually in the armrest)
    7. By the CD-changer (usually in the trunk)

    You have to tap the wire wherever you get hold of it, and connect it to the IBUS pin.
    I can't help you on the specific connectors and wire colors of your car since:
    Almost every BMW model / year / country has different connectors and coloring of cables.
  • +12V: This is a connection to the +12V battery supply
    Interfaces can use any +12V supply you can get hold of. Make sure you have a real "supply" line. Some lines have +12V when you check with a multimeter, but they are actually control-lines that will go off now and then...
    Do not worry about power consumption with the V6 when connecting to a permanent supply (or the battery itself)
    When in standby, the interface uses about the same amount of power as the digital clock in the car.
  • GND: This is a connection to any regular ground in your car (ground means minus "-" of your battery)
  • NTSC: This is a connection to the rear-view camera enable pin of your head unit
    Some software uses the CTS line of the com port to control this signal. (Make sure your software supports this)
    This has to be connected to the rear-view camera enable pin of your head unit
    As said before, I have no idea on which model you can find this pin and where...

How to connect:

Warning The only way to destroy the interface is by confusing the +12V and GND lines.
This will convert the interface into a smoke emitting device in no time.
There's no reason to send this item back, I know how those interfaces look like, get a new one here.
The NTSC PIN and the IBUS pin can be connected to almost every line in the car without doing any harm to the interface, but:
I assume your car is more valuable than this little peace of hardware,
so double check what you are connecting!
  1. Locate your IBUS line in your car.
    If you have a CD-Changer in the trunk you might find this the easiest way to connect to. Search the internet for more information where to tap to the IBUS wire.
    In a X5 the CD-changer plug has 3 wires: the red wire is +12V, the brown wire is ground, and the white wire is the IBUS.
    Connect the board to the IBUS and make sure nothing starts to smoke.
    Do NOT connect the board to the USB port of your PC yet.
  2. Next, install the required drives as described here: Driver installation