BMW IBUS Interface

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IBUS Interface This is my 6th Version of the IBUS USB Interface.

With this interface you can connect any aftermarket Android radio to your BMW and
• display boardmonitor data
• control special lights and comfort functions
• display graphic PDC on the radio
• tons of other coding functions in the BMW with a special Android App.

It also works with Navcoder, if you like to reprogram your existing BMW Navigation system.

The interface works plug & play on any Android device (radio/tablet/handy)
OS-version 4.4 or later.
No drivers needed!


This interface is discontinued and won't be built and sold anymore.
There will be a new and enhanced version by the end of March 2021.
Stay tuned!

This interface enables your Android device to send and receive data from the BMW.
However, it does absolutely nothing on its own.
To make use of this interface in your car, you need the I-BUS App installed on your Android radio.

Please visit the IBUS-App site first, and read the FAQ of the IBUS-App as well.

You can download Installation instructions here.

I'm not selling the stuff myself anymore.
So please!! Do not contact me about delivery and order status. <-- This is a link you can click on!
If you have questions about your oder: please contact the supplier

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